A downloadable SRS for Windows and Linux

Space Rescue Service

An action game where your goal is to save lifes. A game where your fast decision making and precise piloting habilities are challenged!


In this game, you control a small space rescue ship in a randomly generated scenario. Escape capsules are randomly disposed with certain number of humans inside (from 1 to 8). The more humans inside an escape capsules, the faster its oxygen drops.

Your mission is to reach each escape capsules and put it inside your ship's hangar (so people can be brought into your ship and the empty capsule can be ejected) and then take these people to a hospital station in the center of the scenario.

Your ship can take up to 10 passengers and has a crew of two people (who also consume oxygen constantly). The more passengers you have on board, the faster your oxygen level drops. At the start of the mission, you must decide which capsules you will rescue first, considering the oxygen, distance and fuel consumed. Each time you stop at the hospital sation, passengers are transferred to it and your ship is refueled (including oxygen).


This game is a personal learning experience with the Godot Engine.

This game is free and opensource. It's licensed under the terms of GPL V3.0

Feedbacks are welcome!

Install instructions

No installing required, just run the executable.

For linux users: don't forget to check the permission to run the file as an executable one.


Linux - Beta 2 Version 35 MB
Windows - Beta 2 Version 26 MB

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